The Boost+ Gold SkeletonFX Trimmer has a fully exposed T-Blade giving the 360° visibility needed for intricate work. The high-performance lithium battery gives a 3-hour continuous runtime from a 4-hour fast charge, with guaranteed sustained power and speed, even at lower charge levels. The long-life, high-torque brushless motor gives consistent fast blade speed, even through longer, thicker hair. With precision engineered DLC blades for ultra-smooth cutting with lower friction and a heavy-duty metal casing for hard-working durability.


Titanium zero gap 360°exposed 40mm T-blade

New digital motor 7200 RPM

All metal housing – Diamond textured rubber handle.

New lithium-ion 3 300mAh battery

3 hours run time – 4 hours charge time.


Universal voltage

Detent hanging hook.

Zero gap tool

Cleaning brush and lubricating oil