Unique product that allows to use diverse shades in a single coloration without having to separate the wicks with any type of material and without a nuance to stain the other.
It has a revolutionary technology that allows an “invisible split”. When added to the coloring and / or decolorizing powder, it makes them thicker and easier to work with. It does not matter how the arrangement of the tones in the threads, whether in vertical strands or in a horizontal gradient, for example – the colors will simply not blend. Tones up to 3 levels away.
It acts through the formation of a polymer that colorizes the coloring and the decolorizing powder, improves the deposition without causing stains and the use of paper.
. Easy-to-apply product
. Improve gradient work
. Facilitate Free Mechas
. Optimize Root Smear Technique
. Prevents stains during the coloring and discoloration process
. Polymer Thickener
1. In a non-metallic container, mix the Color Adjust to the oxidizing emulsion, then add the decolorizing powder or coloring until the consistency is adequate to the chosen technique.
2. Apply to dry, unwashed hair.
3. The pause time should be controlled according to the result.
4. Next, wash with warm water and shampoo.