Parlux MagicSense® is the special diffuser that revolutionises the hair drying to obtain perfect curls without messing up the hair.

Its optimal size and the distribution of its holes have been designed to facilitate the work of the hairdresser by creating a perfect combination of temperature and quantity of air that allows for natural drying of curly hair in less time by quickly drying the hair root without over-drying the tips thus reducing the frizzy effect.

The particular innovative design with external shell with anti-heating system allows for better comfort of use for the hairdresser who can easily handle the diffuser without getting burnt.

In addition, the special 15 massage tips give a pleasant stimulating sensation to the clients’ skin.

The MagicSense® Diffuser has a rapid hook on for the Parlux ALYON® and the Parlux ADVANCE® models.

  • Outstanding temperature/air flow ratio
  • Does not mess up styled hair
  • Quick, natural styling
  • Quickly dries the roots without dehydrating the tips
  • Large size for quick drying
  • Easy to handle because it does not overheat