• Titanium-Tourmaline Technology
  • 19mm
  • ​Advanced Heat Management System: Latest generation ceramic heating element. Instant recovery to guarantee temperature stability in use within half a degree all along the wick
  • Ultra-fast heat-up
  • True negative ion generator: suppression of static electricity
  • Control & precision : temperature regulator (140°C – 210°C)
  • Display & digital temperature control
  • Operation switch
  • Professional swivel cord 2.70m

How to clean and maintain the 3D Waver Inverter? 
Before removing any residue left by hair products on the appliance:
• Check that the appliance is switched off and unplugged and that it has had time to cool down.
• Clean the device with a damp cloth and a non-corrosive detergent or soap.

Before using it again, make sure the device is dry.